1. Application for Delegate Registration

The term ‘delegate’ refers to the person requesting the attendance of the Dubai Makers Faire.
Requests for Delegate Registration for the Event shall be formalized using the form that the organizers have prepared for this purpose and observing the conditions set out therein. The Delegate Registration contract comes into force when the organizer has Delegate in writing that he has been admitted. Delegates are expected to comply with the venue location policies and regulations and all Government rules and regulations including chargeable fees. Rights of a Delegate shall not be assigned to any other firm or person. Co-Delegates and additionally represented organisation with no accreditation or invoices will not be allowed at the Event.
ation. Attendance hours shall be controlled solely by Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions who will specify hours etc., and admission shall be by ticket or

4. Limitation of Liability
The Organizers shall not be responsible under any circumstances to any Delegate for the acts conduct or omissions of any other delegate or any other persons whether it’s employees or otherwise nor for the consequences of any breach by a Delegate of any of these terms and conditions.

5. Force Majeure
If the event could not take place due to force majeure, the organizers shall not be held liable, and no kind of compensation whatsoever shall be demanded from them.

6. Jurisdiction
The Delegate fully accepts the conditions set out herein. Anything not envisaged in these conditions is governed by and construed according to Dubai Law. Any dispute between the parties under this Agreement hereby submits to the jurisdiction of the Dubai courts or the courts of the organization’s country of origin. Any claim and disputes in relation to this contract shall be settled in Dubai in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates and the country from where the company and contract originated from.