Project Name Brief Company Name Stand No:
Giant T-rex

“In 2014, we made our first life-size cardboard T-rex in Maker Faire Singapore. This year at Maker Faire Dubai, we bring the cardboard to life: The 4m tall dinosaur is an interactive sculpture where visitors get to play “shoot to save” game and “shake shake to kill” game on it. The sculpture is made possible using educational micro-controllers (BBC Micro:bit) and easy-to-learn block-based coding language.”

Epc consulting
Giant Makey and Burj Khalifa

“Airigami Artists will build a 4 meter tall Makey over 2 days. Artists will interact with visitors, demonstrating their craft and highlight previous megastructure projects for the duration of the event.”

Mosaic Art

Mosaic art is a very ancient art that expresses many cultures worldwide for nearly 4000 years or more. Many archaeological sites have been discovered around the world, especially in the Mediterranean basin. The explorers are still announcing archaeological sites for the Mosaic in Tunisia, Morocco, Greece and others. My goal is to help introduce this upscale and renewable art to my country and introduce the new generation through exhibitions and training courses

Nassim Al Majed
Life by Arabic Calligraphy
Naht Designs
Burj Khalifa
Wood Working
Amer Al Shatti